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Temperature Controlled Distribution since 2001

Delivery in a Stable Ambient Environment

The variation of temperature which surrounds an object when transported plays an important role in the function of many types of machines and equipment, together with temperature controlled pharmaceutical products, K2B can offer various methods to control ambient temperatures when your products require to be maintained in a stable ambient environment. Our specialist sensors accompanying all our vehicles can be utilised to keep track of temperatures on route ensuring they do not stray beyond the desired range. These sensors are also linked to alarms which sends an alert when there is a temperature fluctuation. These assurances offer peace of mind that your product/s will maintain their optimal ambient temperature throughout delivery.

The term ‘ambient’ has become fairly ambiguous with the ever changing stringent regulatory requirements, so whatever your delivery requirements, K2B Couriers will be able to maintain any temperature controlled environment.

All of our Delivery Vehicles can be Single or multiple temperature zoned (dependent on your needs) so that we can deliver goods of different temperatures on the same vehicle to maximising cost efficiency.

Back Up Service

Many of our customers also take advantage of our 24 hour back-up service to supplement their own distribution delivery network. K2B provides fully equipped temperature controlled vehicles with trained drivers/staff to carry out deliveries to whatever location at peak times of production or high volume of deliveries.

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